Using Resources to Enhance Vision, Hearing & Individual Growth

That Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation has a HELEN KELLER award – A BENEFACTOR AWARD AND A memorial/honorarium Tree for your loved ones. Are you aware that $1,000 will get any Lion, Friend or Volunteer who is deserving of a great honor The Helen Keller Award Plaque with a certification letter and a Sight Pin?

The Sight and Hearing Foundation of Arizona has for many years offered this great award in honor of Helen Keller for challenging the Lions to “Become Knights of the Blind”.

Your donation will help towards one needy person receiving either a cataract surgery or repairing a damaged retina.

Our Benefactor Award is presented to anyone club or individual who donates $3,000 or more. A donor will receive a plaque and pin(s).

We also accept donations in Memory of a lost family member and Lions Club member; Honorariums are also accepted and encouraged. There are three levels of leaves for our Memorial/Honorarium Tree; a $100 donation is a Bronze leaf, $500 is a Gold leaf and $1,000 is a Platinum leaf.

We invite all Lions to continue to help us with your monetary donations as well as donations of eyeglasses, hearing aids and cell phones so that we can continue our critical mission.

Our Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation remains actively engaged in our mission of “helping restore sight & hearing to those in need across Arizona”.